Alien Resurrection

Alien Resurrection for the PlayStation is fucking brilliant. The recent car crash that has been colonial marines has led many so called games journalists spout that there have never been any brilliant Alien games. Of course, because they were probably foetuses when many of them originally came out (and gamers who play older games are some sort of messed up because as a medium it's constantly improving unlike any other medium that has ever existed so any game released this week is obviously and by default better than last week's RANT CONTINUES HERE). Alien Resurrection was one of the good ones. At the time, EDGE gave it a 9 and compared it to a GCSE in terms of how rock solid it was. I would link to that review except the EDGE website is awful and they haven't realised how uploading all their really good older content might get them some hits.
However, it is rock solid and a bit scary even today. I've been stuck on the same section for over a decade. Every year I load it up, give it a shot and get killed about once every five minutes for a good half an hour then turn it off. In addition the older that the game gets, the harder and harder it is to return to the weird controls. So here's to another year. 

I'll beat it next year I think.


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