FFXIII-2 Done!

So I just thousanded FFXIII-2.

I had been apprehensive about this title as FFXIII was a little too long winded, especially at endgame, specifically because the final few achievements required 100+ hours and creating a spreadsheet to complete. FFXIII-2 however was a bit more fun to play. I took the plunge over the holidays as it was £9 brand new.

The Good:

  • A really fun storyline, jumping through different time periods, seeing how the events of FFXIII turned out and where they went. 
  • An oddly pokemon type mechanic where you recruit and level monsters throughout time.
  • Though some of the areas are reused from FFXIII it doesnt feel like it, as they have been redone with different time-period themes.
  • Feels like a classic Sqeenix game, A touch of final fantasy mixed with Chrono trigger but with a sleek new façade. 
  • The multiple "paradox" endings, where you can replay certain events and change their outcome.

The Bad:
An overly teenage angsty theme; the younger protagonists with the usual coming-of-age story.

This Chocobo Remix:

The Ugly:
A rather unconvincing bad guy with a camp purple headband.

In conclusion, it's really worth a punt for anyone who played FFXIII, at least the story line.


Richie X


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