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So Warcraft decided to put Pokemon in their latest expansion but is it any good? Well sort answer is no, but there are some plus points to it. Mainly it shows Pokemon could be an MMO of sorts, but it also uses some nice graphics to do it. It actually puts the old Pokemon stadiums to shame because the pets actually interact with each other during attacks, as opposed to the shoddy cutscene of an attack being done, then cut to attacked Pokemon flinching in pain.

But there are many, many issues with the "Pet battles" within the WoW interface. The biggest and most annoying one, it is buggy as hell:

  • There was several times when playing through my character would be facing the wrong way, sure its just an aesthetic thing but, cmon...
  • Its cheaty! now I read this may have been fixed now, but apparently there was something wrong with the RNG with pet battles, I found that the AI was able to dodge attacks way more than I did, making it frustrating to beat the gym leaders. 
  • Some of the achievements were unobtainable, being unable to challenge certain gym leaders because they were opposite factions.
  • The part that most annoyed me about pet battles is the attacks. With Wow the pokemons get three moves, but they lack any strategy/synergy with each other, essentially you use moves that provide the best from a a Paper/Scissors/Rock scenario and that is fine, I have been doing that for nearly 15 years now, however there is no strategy, no setting up, no buffs that are really worthwhile, healing moves tend to cause more trouble than they are worth, scaling badly with levels.

There are several other issues I had such as the later levels being a bit grindy but, its WoW so i cant really make that claim without a whole domino effect regarding the whole game! I also feel that the pet battles were designed to be just different enough not to be sued by Nintendo, which cheapened it for me. But what bothered me was all these bugs and issues were still not caught in the months it was on the PTR, and were launched live.

NB: On another note I'd like to say I called this! Years ago I called that WoW was moving to becoming a Platform rather than a game, a glorified/interactive version of the steam store, it will happen people we can see them testing it out with the inclusion of Plants vs Zombies, Farmville, and Pokemon. Soon you will be guiding your pretty looking level 100 to throw angry dragons at a stack of green boars. Mark my words!!!

Love and WoW conspiracies,

Richie X


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