New GAME will feature the best of Gamestation

MCV has the news y'all. I'm so excited about this. Here's the best of Gamestation:

  • 200 Mint copies of FIFA 2001
  • A NES without any games, cables or controllers.
  • Two G-Cons (not compatible with modern TVs).
  • A copy of Halo 3 without the instruction booklet or sleeve.
  • The Resident Evil trilogy. The films. The second third and fourth ones anyway.
Well this'll get GAME back into the market.


  1. Nicely put squire. My local Game store lot all of its staff to the newly opened CEX, who just happen to be better stocked and placed to offer what Game try to. Today I saw 300 original Xbox games, priced appropriate to rarity and featuring some great, hard to find titles.

    Only three Fifa titles, total. THREE!

  2. "Only three Fifa titles, total. THREE!"

    GAME bought them all - HOT WAREZ!!!


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