Oh yeah... Skyrim

I did promise you all an update, but I was a little busy with killing Draugr, Dwarven Spheres, Falmer and "talking" to dragons. i.e. Playing Skyrim.

If anyone out there cares for my character I have maxed out Archery, Sneak, Enchanting, Alchemy and Smithing, purely to get maximum damage on my bow.

So what have I done? Well I fucked about at the start, pretty much the moment I could wander about, I did some random dungeons, joined the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild. I did a touch more of the main plot, then did the Mages guild, I still have the companions and the rest of the main plot to do.

How about the game in hindsight now?

Well It's great, it's not too buggy, though there are some annoying bugs, which has kinda halted my sidequests, so now I play the waiting game for the patch. What I am most disappointed about is the "Guilds" quests, Dark Brotherhood and Mages Guild was over so quickly, I have spent more time faffing about in other dungeons than on those "storylines". The Thieves guild is tedious, you are forced to do silly little thieving/pickpocketing missions a minimum of 40 times, which involves fast travelling from the guild (which has 2 loading screens to get to the quest givers) and only being allowed to do a maximum of 2 tasks.

And well, I'm level 52 (the world level cap is 50), and I feel I am around Half way through the game with 580/1000 Gamer points.

Well just an update,I best get back to Skyrim, those pesky Mudcrabs wont kill themselves...

Love and Lolligaggin'

Richie X


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