Silent Hill: Homecoming

So yeah!

We at TGAM love the silent hill series. In our usual overbearing and
graceless manner... here is a review
Well I say review, It is more a haphazard collection of images. But
look at it! It's so pretty it has a manual, an attractive green box, a
reversible cover, on top of that the nurses have clear and evident

Now the game, there was a lot of criticism received about this being a
more "westernised" version. given that it was not developed at the
Konami studios in Japan coupled with the game following in many of the
traditions of the movie. And it's true it does, Pyramid-head is there,
for some reason. For those of you who don't know Pyramid head is
suppose to be a personification of the torment James feels in silent
hill 2. But since he is a cool looking bad-ass, he was brought into
the movie, and as such also into this latest iteration of the series.
Another hat-tip from the movie goes to Silent hill being populated.
There are scary men running about in protective suits and gas masks
who seem to be surviving in the evil of Silent hill. There are
numerous links to the movie, like the style of the nurses and the
transitionary effects from real-word to evil-world. However whether
you liked the movie or not, the story in this latest instalment of the
game is extremely gripping, and now that it has next-gen graphics it
is even more immersive, purely to contribute to the shit-your-pants
factor of the game. Oh and the music is still terrifying, it's the
same dude from the previous Silent hill games, and anyone that has
played them will know how intense that music can get.

TGAM Score for Silent hill: 8.8/10
A worthy successor to he serious. and still pant-wettingly scary.
Luv n Hugs
Richie X


  1. Silent Hill just isn't what it used to be (on chapter 2, mostly).


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