Issues in gaming: The Watchmen

Lots of people complaining about the Watchmen being turned into a film. Also, some people complaining that it is being turned into a game. All complaining that it would be inappropriate to convert such a masterpiece as it was meant to be a comic and the creator never wanted it to be adapted.

Yeah, that just doesn't wash. Of course it will be shit film and game because most films and games are shit. Broken. Couldn't carry a narrative to save their lives. Boxed in by gaming conventions and held back by lack of creativity we are a while off yet before games can carry a serious story without:

a) Getting silly in the last two levels and brining in Aliens, Monsters, Cloning, Mad Doctors or just losing the plot a bit. Finished a game recently, no? Seen a good ending in games ever? No.

b) Having some kind of moving crate/box or barrel problem to solve.

c) Crappy AI........

....... aaabaggd) Sharing an online world with the actual scum of the earth empowered by the ability to insult you without you being able to do something.

And we all know that films are shit these days and have probably always been. Shit or pretentious. Never "great".

But people's complaints about the Watchmen not being convertable are pretending that the original content is somehow amazing or untouchable. It is not. Pretty standard comic book japery albeit with a bit of blood and tits. Oh and cancer and shagging so it must be properly grown up. Oh and a pirate ship story in the story! Oooooh clever. It is better than most superhero comics because most of these comics have characters going back in time and impregnating their alternate universe 1950s versions of their own mothers in order to prevent some universe travelling immortal who destroys planets. That's after they've been revived yet again even though they died in 48/52 other spin off series.

And all non super hero comics are pointless. Just write a book for god's sake.

One game would make a nice comic book though and that's XIII. Make that game I say!


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