The people who are actually excited about Mirror's Edge

In no particular order:

Electronic Arts.
People who didn't get the memo about free running "the fad" being over.
15-17 year old skateboarders.
EDGE magazine until it's rated [6] even after such a glowing preview article.
PS3 owners who don't yet realise it is multiplatform.

Review Based on Wikipedia Page
It had so much potential but despite promises is very linear and frustrating. The camera isn't quite FPS perspective which leads to some odd moments where arms are inexplicably long. Animations of legs and looking at the floor the whole time grates. 6/10


  1. Anonymous12:54

    Dude free running is the more commercially recognized form of aggressive walking, which is definitely not a fad. Its the closest you can get to being in the matrix without any special defects. Mirror's Edge looks like its nailed the lifestyle of an aggressive walker perfectly, although instead of guns they should have shoes that shoot knives, just for realism's sake.

    Sir Buttress Togglestick


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