Pirate Ninja or Zombie Sasquatch?

I thought pirate ninja, especially considering I decided to make my whole town (Gaylando) gay because that really matters in videogames, however, the answer was Zombie Sasquatch. That's right folks I'm talking about Animal Crossing Wild World. Recently Team That guy's have all bought AC:WW. We'll be giving out friends codes here just as soon as the UK gets Wi-Fi. Seriously, checking for Wi Fi hotspots in my top secret London location reveals 3 BT Openzone Phone Boxes, 2 student unions and 4 pubs; all of which I wouldn't dare pull my DS out an play in because: 1) It'll get stolen 2) If I'm with anyone else it's really antisocial 3) If i was on my own in a pub it would be weird 4) I'm not standing in a phone box for 2 hours playing my DS.

Aside, from the WiFi problems, probably should move to Norwich for two reasons, AC:WW is as good as the original and as good as everyone out there says it is, which is a good job really considering the absolute shit lined up for September release in the UK step up DS , PSP , Playstation 2 , Xbox 360 and lets not forget the NoonesellsithereanymoreCube. I know it's the summer lull but fucking NASCAR 2007? But I have been sitting on my hands in anticipation of B-boy the realistic Am a caaaant gunna nife ya simulator. Maybe in America, where they organise massive graf, breakdance, sk8ting tournaments this game may be relevant, even good. Over here its' mostly what chavvy gangs do between group raping drunk girls walking home on their own at 4am in the morning or beating up grannies for fag money. Actually, that's BS they don't do anything other than rape drunk girls walking home on their own at 4am in the morning or beating up grannies for fag money. Still GAME will probably burn every other game in existence so that B-boy and Monster House top the laughable, meaningless UK CHARTs.

Still, I drew some tits and a belly button and now its' the flag in my town. I'm going to chop down all the trees tonight and then blame Tom Nook on the Town (Gaylando) notice board, the fucking monopolising poptard


  1. Well there are a few things on the horizon that i'm saving my love juices for:

    Kingdom Hearts 2 - Ps2
    Final Fantasy XII - Ps2
    World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade - PC
    Gitaroo Man Lives - PSP (Really need to blog this one, the game is fucking awesome)

  2. I forgot to mention that in the image of Tom Nook being attacked by KILLER BEES the same colour as him he is still trying to sell the KILLER BEES the same colour as him and the placard saying "Die Bastard Die Bastard Die Bastard" and announcing that his store will be closed tomorrow so you'll have to use up all your floor space and letter storage storing fish insects and furniture which you want to sell to him so you can pay of the ridiculous mortgage he is forcing you to pay

  3. Anonymous14:08

    Originally Posted by Sp!My town fruit is pear, (although I've got cherry , orange and peach trees too) and I'm trying to get the complete ranch, space and robo theme's so if you've got any furnature you want to trade or even just that I can borrow, let me know...

    I am so visiting you! I have all the fruits except pears I probably have some robo furniture too.


  4. Anonymous14:09

    My friends code is: 5068-7995-8366
    My Town is: SmutLand
    My Name is: L2wis

    Aaaawwwww mmyyyy trousers are bulgingggggggggg AAAWWWWWWW!!!!!

  5. Anonymous14:44

    I'll add these to the Love Juice Repository:

    PSP - Every Extend Extra (Seriously)
    PSP - Ultimate Ghosts and Goblins
    PSP - Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror (Worst tagline for an action game ever?)
    PS2 - Final Fantasy XII
    PS2 - Rogue Galaxy
    PS2 - Raiden III
    PS2 - Okami
    PC - Crysis (Can't play it but I loved Farcry and basically this game looks fucking awsome)

  6. Hey all....

    A confession.....

    For the first 3 days of owning the game and doing all of the 1* and 2* Elder quests . I NEVER KNEW I HAD AN ITEM BOX IN THE HOUSE!.....

    I must have walked out of the house and never paid it any attention. As you can imagine quite embarassing for me.

    I was doing all the missions and discarding lots of stuff cos I thought you had to, to make room for other stuff!!!

    Chuffgor, Hero of Palandros "Check my +3 to mana regeneration Armor of Faketolkien"

  7. Anonymous17:31


    If anyone has a spare Dinosaur Track fossil, I can trade something for it. It's the only one I need to complete the fossil collection now.


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