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Smash Bros Ultimate: A review of sorts

You know what guys, I’m not gonna pretend like you haven read a million genuine articles, fan reviews or perused some shouty American youtube channel, about how much of a success Smash Bros is! By now if you have any interest in Smash, you will have played it, and you will know that it is good. Our option should not hold any weight as to whether you would like to play this or not, if it does hold some sway, please reassess your priorities/life. So in aging sardonic fashion I would like to accost you with my almost unjustifiable nitpicks, so get your eyeballs round this! Vault Major gripe number 1, On the main menu the Vault is inexplicably unselectable without first missing it entirely and either selecting the two surrounding menus or worse, opening the right accordion navigation bar, nothing is more fun! Touch screen We are all clear and aware that the switch screen has touch capabilities, but instead of utilising this you are given an actual hand/f

Dolly post: Misfire

Alright so, at Xmas we promised we would take pictures or our toys (or " dollies "). First up is everyones favourite magenta decepticon, our modern day RosenKavalier : Misfire . Misfire is one of the original targetmasters and one of the "sort-of" regeneration of the seekers . The targetmasters made their debut in the final three episodes of the (western) cartoon " The Rebirth ": A collection of Misfire with awful animation. TakaraTomy have recently, release their Legends version of Misfire, (LG-52) . The legends version is Japanese revised version of the Titans Returns one,  with more accurate colouring and the added bonus of a targetmaster (though is headmaster was called 'Aimless' and so is his targetmaster...) Anyways Enjoy some lovely Hi-res pics of Misfire and his buddies: Say hello to my little friend   Side box art with a tiny squished face The name's Fire, Miss Fire... wait what?   Yeah s