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The Claire Redfield from Resident Evil 2 Nude Cheat

Surprisingly, we've managed to find a little Easter egg from Capcom in their latest survival horror game Resident Evil 2 . That's right sports fans, you can unlock a nude(ish) Claire. Here's how, accompanied by some artists reconstructions because we'll be damned if we can take screenshots. Them shits is too professional.  As Claire A scenario, ensure you keep on the original costume on, do not change to Noir/Eliza etc. Once you reach the police station, ensure you run into to the Toilets in the East Wing when attempting to get the notebook and press A by the toilet. After collecting the notebook proceed through the game to the boiler room WITHOUT TAKING DAMAGE, we have not tried this with reloading saves, you will see the boarded up boiler room door, press A, 50 times (call back to the Rebecca Photo in RE2 on PS1) you will hear a faint dog bark. Return to the Weapon locker room without using any weapons. Put in locker code 105 and examine the locker. The sc


Looks familiar .

The Battle Tower

As I mentioned previously, I was dead over Christmas and confined to games I could play without moving too much, specifically, I could only play games whilst only moving my index finger and thumb right hand. Aside from Final Fantasy III this also meant that it was time for me to face up to the Battle Tower in Pokemon SoulSilver. For those of you who ain't in the know, the Battle Tower is a very challenging tower of battles. Who'd have guessed? Basically you take some of your best dudes and try to beat as many CPU dudes in a row as possible. Challenges can be done with 3 pokemon in mano a mano type affair or with four pokemon in 2 mano a mano affairs or if you have a willing friend you can try and do the tower with a mate over wifi. If you beat 20 trainers in a row you get to fight the tower tycoon. If you beat the tower tycoon you get a schmancy ribbon for all the pokemon in your team. If you beat 48 trainers in a row you get to face off against the tycoon slightly pimped and

Lamest Pokemon according to 1up

Yeah ok, So their list is: Unown - Cuz it is Gimmicky Beautifly - Cuz its a copy of Butterfree Luvdisc - Cuz it looks silly and has rubbish stats Probopass - Cuz it looks really stupid. Mr Mime - Cuz yeah he is the shittiest pokemon ever. Now if we were angsty, under-sexed bloggers , we would dispute this claim saying things like, "Luvdisc can be EV trained to be IMBA". But that is not us, we are better than that. In fact, despite this coming from 1up we whole-heartedly agree! So we are going to gracefully tip our caps to 1up, and expand on the list a wee bit. Top 5 Shit pokemon that are shit, but not quite as shit as the top 5 lamest pokemon that 1up posted: 5. CastForm: Shitty weather dependent Pokemon that changes it form based on whatever weather effect is in play, meaning you waste your moveset on weather changing moves. And of course by the time you have actually changed the weather you are dead anyway. 4. Ditto: Pfft, everyone has at least a