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I did find it funny, not so much sad

Yes it's a review of three year old Madworld for the Nintendo Wii. When it came out last millennium in 2009, the middling reviews and the overt attempt at being 'mature' put us off. Until we found it for sale for £2.50. At that price we don't care if it is shit. But it isn't shit. It is actually quite good. It is a very inspired title. By that we mean it's probably easier to explain the game to you in the media that has 'inspired' it. Take the aesthetic from Sin City , and the plots from Escape from L.A. (or Batman Arkham city for our younger readers), The Running Man , Manhunt and a splash of No More Heroes . Allow to rest and then whisk in mechanics and directly lift at least one boss character from Devil May Cry . Add a couple of levels on a bike from Final Fantasy VII , throw in a Caddyshack reference and a level that rips off Star Wars . If you are going to lean on source material, they could have chosen worse sources of inspiration I gues

House of The Dead

It's always nice to find yourself in the household of a fellow gamer. By far the best bit is perusing their game collection and is also why we hide Shadow the Hedgehog from public display, at the back, in a box re-sleeved with a CoD insert. It is also is a prime time to play those game you wouldn't have bought yourself but are mildly curious about. Hence how we ended up playing House of the Dead 2, 3 and Overkill . Way back when, our family had a Mega Drive and so I grew up on all things SEGA. Sega at home is fine. Arcade SEGA though? Ugh. Unlike rigid and structured games for the home consoles Arcade games are noisy, flashy and 'loose' a bit like your mother. Arcade games are a Waquila suicide* to home games single malt whiskey. Created to rinse your wallet they lack the structure I need to not go foetal and I still shudder when I have to choose 'arcade mode' from a game menu. It's why I'd been avoiding HoTD. I got over it though and HoTD is fu



Pronounced 'Say-Ga' You Twat

Pray you don't have offspring and if it is any consolation you inspired this poem: A Man A man today is trying to convince me that Sega is pronounced Sea-Ga Not Say-Ga And that there was the last straw That is what made me take my Daddy's Glock Down to the family fair It took me Ay-Gees x x