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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Trailer

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Love and inappropriate indie music,

Richie X


You know what bothers me? iTunes Visualiser, It has been out for about 4 years now and if any improvements have been made to it, they have certainly not been aesthetic. To be honest I don’t even turn visualiser on anymore, for two reasons, firstly that fucking apple logo pops up in the middle every 15 minutes, and secondly it is the same patterns over and over again. I would like a bit more coding going into the visualiser I would like it to read the ID3 tags and interpret the song names genres etc.
Its simple, certain patterns will get created from certain genres:

Metal/Hard Rock – Mainly black with fire motifs spikes and chains.
Pop – Light breezy pinks, purples, blues, brighter.
Electro – Pulses of neon colours.
Classical – Hard to classify (sick) due to the range of classical music, suggest refined, bold colours like black and white, perhaps a sheet music motif.
Spoken Word – Simple oscilloscope
Podcasts – Given there appears to be a library of different patterns I believe that P…