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Pokemon Team: En Memorandum

Last month was a hard time for me. In part I was overjoyed at the exposure was getting with that Kill Screen article. However it was also a dark time, my Pokemon Black Cartridge got put in the washing machine corrupted. This cart contained many of the pokemon who were on a par with the length of time played and connection with that Omastar, so as I am sure you can appreciate the joy of being featured was ever so slightly tainted...
As you can imagine, I was more than distraught. I considered trying to salvage my save using PC adaptors, or perhaps re-starting with a new save and using editors re-create my pokemon with their original stats. I could even send some of the “event” pokemon, those pokemon I queued for, or downloaded that are no longer available. That would be legit right, its not so cheaty is it?
I decided against it, to follow on from the Omastar article there is an emotional attachment to these guys, if I were to re-create them what would I create? Shallow emp…


Well, Seeing that Cunzy aint here at the moment…

I though I’d give you a “Dinosaurs in Video Games” update.

Today’s game is Guitar hero 2. Yeah that’s right Guitar hero 2! I’m sure you are all asking yourselves, “Dinosaurs in guitar hero? How? Where ? As if!” Well they are and they are not… there are 2 separate references to Dinosaurs.

First up we have the two player select screen:

As you can see from the above picture it depicts:

- A Mammoth
- Sabre-toothed Tiger
- Some crazy extinct Ungulate. (antelope looking thing)
- An ancestor of the foxes
- An emu-esque big-bird
- Smaller mammals, cats etc.
- A Fighter jet dropping a bomb on them all.

When I first saw this I was admittedly shocked to see some obscure extinct animals just on a 2 player co-operative sceen. But then I realised that this may be a graphical representation of one of the songs, which brings me nicely onto the next instance of “Dinosaurs” in Guitar hero 2:

One of the bonus tracks: Fall of Pangaea, by Valient Thorr