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In Love With The Nintendo Switch Capture Button

With the Nintendo Switch's Capture button it's never been easier to snap a screenshot or your favourite games as you play them. Something that Nintendo has never been great at up until now, beyond titles that offer their own screenie buttons or with a strange Miiverse faff on the Wii U. It's not the most straight forward to actually get the images off of the Switch but we've done it to share some of our favourite screenshots from all the Switch titles we've been playing recently.   ( Is this even a Switch screenshot?- Ed. )  Happy Screenshotting!


For those of you outside the UK the current weather may not seem like a topic for conversations lasting more than a couple of minutes. For the British however, it is a source of endless conversation particularly when the weather does surprisingly interesting things outside of the format: depressing rain.  Well now it's fucking snowing so productivity in the UK drops ten percent, not because, people have to stay at home because of death warnings and avalanches but because everyone takes the time to tell everyone they meet that "It is snowing", "It's cold" and endless details about the varying extent of the snow from their own areas and the areas they've heard of through friends and colleagues "I heard Essex got it bad but Kent is fine". Us. We'll just rerun this post from two years ago thanks.

Mortal Kombat: Scraping the barrel.

Ok so, we have all most likely seen the Awesome trailer of Kratos entering the Mortal Kombat Tournament. However who is the 360 getting on their system? Well rumours are *Spoilers* its... Green Lantern? Now, ok, I get it... Green, Xbox has green lights, the Green Lantern Movie is on the horizon, he was in in the previous game Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe. But, c'mon, he doesn't really fit in with the Mortal Kombat Universe. He's not the goriest of the DCU characters and ugh... Never mind... I give up. At least I'll have Sub-Zero to rip out his spine. Love and Sexuality, Richie X