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WoW Classic: Do we need this?

In roughly a week a swathe of 30-40 somethings are going to relive and re-start a habit in a bid to re-misspend a misspent youth. There is a swell of hype in niche pockets of the Internet as people get more and more excited for the launch of World of Warcraft Classic . But why? Why is there the familiar toot-toot of the hype-train on the horizon for a product that is over a decade old, has a newer shinier iteration currently out and available to play, and a product that held marmite-like, positive and negative criticism when it was out. Just to clear things up I have bought my ticket (e d: and a train drivers hat, matching t-shirt, undies and socks and the special edition coke cans ) and I am on the hype train! I am genuinely looking forward to Classic, but my goals and approach are going to be massively different to it, as will it be for much of the community. So I'm gonna play a little bit of devils advocate here... Upon launch many, many people will just be diving in fo

Iran in controversial 'Typist' threat.

Remember this from last year? Out of the blue Iran chose to single out the speedy normal type Pokemon. Banning all broadcasts featuring the slinky Pokemon, pokedex #53. The " BBC Persian, which will go on air next week, will be used by British intelligence for "espionage and psychological warfare", according to Iranian officials. " Were Team Rocket involved? Bizarrely, Meowth were fine. Original story here and super-mad-props to Rob is Gay who has given us enough of these to run with forever.

Rock band.

So, I finally did the "Endless Setlist" 58 songs, around 5 hours straight playing it... Sickening. Next up... Rock band 2. It has been announced , unannounced , and maybe-rumoured for an acceptable release date in europe (uk) this time. Bet it doesn't, I bet the Americans get it in September, and then we get it 6-9 months later. I mean seriously what the hell is that! The first Rock Band was almost forgiveable, given their excuse was hardware (fake drums, fake guitars) shortages. But this time round no excuses... Harmonix/EA, you are racist, hands down racist. *sulk* Luv n Hugs, Richie

TGAM 2007 Awards!

TGAM, Once again breaking the mold of videogame blogging. That's right. This year we decided to have an awards system for video games. You know, like the ones for books and films. We're sure this idea is likely to take off in a big way. Remember reader, you saw it here first. So, without further ado here are the awards: The 2007 TGAM award for Best Touching 1. Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights 2. Touch Master. 3. Balls of Fury. 4. Cookie and Cream Winner: Resident Evil: Deadly Silence There wasn't much choice this year. To be honest the above DS games were chosen for their titles and the hilarious link with the word "touching". But this year we're going to give Resident Evil DS the reward retrospectively for the bits where you get to touch up Jill Valentine and she covers herself and gets a bit offended. Once again Capcom shows they know their audience and Jill is all the more titilating because she doesn't just stand there and take it (cough, Leon, coug

Rise to the challenge of our Rivals

So in Cunzy’s previous post he laid down a challenge: "Richie is writing an epic Twisted Metal , Final Fantasy VIII kidz, Naruto, Speed Freaks, Star Wars Phantom Menace fanfic set in the World of Warcraft." Enjoy: Sweet tooth was driving in his usual dilapidated ice-cream van though Goldshire, when he noticed a bunch of kids fending off some Lvl 70 Horde Gankers. Now Sweet tooth being the nice psychotic freak that he is, decided he was going to help these kids as he didn’t like gankers, especially ones that pick on the poor little noobs, who don’t even give experience or count as an HK. Sweet tooth drove up to the lvl 70 Tauren druid, the Blood elf Priest and the Undead Warcock and promptly let of several volleys of machine gun fire and his “Special” (a flaming clown head missile). The gankers quickly realised that they couldn’t handle Sweet tooth as he was the equivalent of a lvl 72 Elite Boss, thinking that Sweet tooth must be some kind of World Boss with some Phat Epix