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Outcast, re-boots all round

So that ancient game Outcast has been marked for a remake, and some of the original Syndicate (Wars) guys have appealed to the kickstarter community to give them money to do so. I feel that this week the games industry just flicked through  and chose a couple of randoms. First of all! That Syndicate game, which is called Satellite Reign; dont get me wrong I'm excited about the appeal of a successor that is not an FPS, and it ties in nicely with my recent cries for a proper dystopian megalopolis type game. But I cant get round that video : those guys are really off-putting, just seeing them there pitching their idea on kickstarter, it really feels a bit too much like begging, sorry guys. Some other kickstarters have done well in advertising their products and appealing, mainly because they are mostly creative types, but this seems like guys out of their depth trying to learn how to do a sales pitch. Secondly why Outcast?! Outcast was a great game, for its time, it

Lost to Pokemon.

So all of our readers we complaining about the lack of updates... Well its inexcusable I know. BUT in our defence there is Marvel vs Capcom to play through. And frankly dear readers, we have bad news, Pokemon Black & White is out, and we are already playing our little hearts out. So just be aware there will be updates, but more than likely it will be along the lines of: OMG, JUST GOT DESTROYED BT THE 1ST GYM LEADER CHEATY POKEMON! JUST CAUGHT A BIDOOF FML ZOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMGGGGGG SHINY!!!! etc etc. (Not really, we have just had some pish IRL stuff, we'll be back on track, using the word "cunt" soon) Black and White, Richie X