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GTA4 obligatory review

Soooo GTA4 then? Might as well get this review out of the way before it “officially” comes out on Tuesday. So for today’s review we are going to set it out in a classic divvied up review with each section out of ten. Section 1. Gameplay. Well this one is quite easy, have you played GTA3, VC, SA? It’s pretty much the same: run, shoot, drive. Except this time they have added some spanky tweaks, including GPS system, a better aiming system, and being able to hide behind cover. There isn’t much wrong with the GTA formulae, it’s non-stop fun and they have not strayed away from this standard. Score: 9/10. Good to see GTA back again, with so many sandbox rip-offs its good to go back to the roots, new and improved roots at that. Section 2. Graphics . Graphics eh? I honestly don’t know how to approach this one… I have always had gripes with GTA’s (rockstar’s?) graphics. I remember when San Andreas was out on the PS2 and everyone was banging on about how great it looked, but

Postcards from the multiverses #2

Yes number 2 ! That's right kids. Another feature right here on your monitor. You can thank us later. Anyway 'TFU' a so called Clan on Halo sent us these images. We don't get sent much these days so it's going up. Chuff_72 sent us this. Nice Jump. This is TFU Mr Cyclopse [sic.]. ummm jumping Yes, more jumping. It's all a bit Quake mid-90s if you ask us Thanks guys. Miss you too x x

Oh shit. This is actually happening 2

Something is happening and I'm excited! Although, I'm getting a bit pissed off with these countdown sites. Especially you Mr Nintendo because in all likelihood Europe won't be seeing this game for another 5 chuffing years.