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Pokemon Team: En Memorandum

Last month was a hard time for me. In part I was overjoyed at the exposure was getting with that Kill Screen article. However it was also a dark time, my Pokemon Black Cartridge got put in the washing machine corrupted. This cart contained many of the pokemon who were on a par with the length of time played and connection with that Omastar , so as I am sure you can appreciate the joy of being featured was ever so slightly tainted... As you can imagine, I was more than distraught. I considered trying to salvage my save using PC adaptors, or perhaps re-starting with a new save and using editors re-create my pokemon with their original stats. I could even send some of the “event” pokemon, those pokemon I queued for, or downloaded that are no longer available. That would be legit right, its not so cheaty is it? I decided against it, to follow on from the Omastar article there is an emotional attachment to these guys, if I were to re-create them what would I create


Is? Is this a new series ? Maybe, maybe. Chronicling the activities of the often underestimated bug/grass pokemon. Do not underestimate bullet seed. Full article from here .


News story from here . Shame on you Paras.

Another hilarious spin on pokemon names

Taken from the site that took my idea for jillsammichs , and expanded it to include, Halo, Smash bros, pokemon and Orange box, instead of just Resident evil: Yet another site that ripped us off: Halolz