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Skyrim Liveblogging: Dungeon Crawling

So i did my first dungeon, found the first side quest i could do and ran there and started opening chests and killing bad-men. Its oblivion again!!!! Well that's it for now. Further updates in the next few weeks on this game. Love and Golden Claws, Richie X

Skyrim Liveblogging: Levelling up

Ding! Levelled up! Took my first "perk" in Archery, oh I see Skyrim is using the perk system from Fallout... Though i worry did i choose well?!?!? Love and hastily chosen perks, Richie X

Skyrim liveblogging: Character creation

So here is my little badass. Love and Off to the block with you, Richie X

Skyrim: Liveblogging!!

Oh yeah, fuck remembrance day! Today is Skyrim-day! Right now I'm installing that bad boy ready to launch into it, expect updates today.... Love and the only reason I'll be silent at 11am is because I'm so engrossed in character creation, Richie X