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Lakeview Cabin collection

Hey guys! Do you want a game that makes you feel: Nostalgic Scared Inadequate Then Lakeview cabin collection  is for you! Lake view Cabin collection is a fun re-release of an older browser game. It is entirely 2D and with little pixel-arty graphics.  It's very simple, straightforward controls and wandering about just allows you to discover fun little Easter eggs in the game, picking up and throwing backpacks makes items fall out, falling off high platforms causes your character to lose a leg, which you can then use as a weapon, there is even pixel orgies to set up! But it doesn't end there in your little world of pounding pixelized six packs and hitting pixelized bongs (which make the screen/controls all jankey) there are terrifying copyright infringing bad guys determined to come hunt you down and turn your characters in to gory piles of pixelized flesh, bone and sinew. In order to defeat/run away from these guys you are given the task of setting up

Next Step, the Wiibrator.

Ok so Again I'm shamelessly stealing from Kotaku. These are images from a patented Nintendo Peripheral which is an inflatable pillow, designed for "horse racing" games, oh yeah! You know what, fuck it, I'll leave this to your own imagination, you filthy, filthy people. Yours Equestrianly, Richie XXX