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Flame Rounds: DLC Costumes

Flame rounds lets us fulfil our yearning passion to be Frank Skinner, taking on his role as Judge, Jury, and Executioner in Room 101 (but for Video Games).  Cunzy1 1:  Welcome back to flame rounds, where one of us picks something from gaming to confine to getting flames rounded out of video games and possibly existence. So far we've char grilled the Dreamcast but spared the exposed brains of Pokemon . Richie, what have you got for being flames roundsed this week?  Richie: This week I would like to address DLC content. We all understand that we live in a world where games are dissected, dismantled and portioned off to increase their value and longevity. And in most cases where a game offers me extra content, I would be happy to pay for visiting a new land, or a new campaign mode, or even a new character... But I feel sad when it is just aesthetic shit, the most archetypal example of this would be the "Horse Armour" of 360 yore. But this still happens today! Fightin

Why I'll Never Be A PC Gamer

Our part of the Internet is all a flutter about A not THE Steam Box (Piston or something) and now some biometric gaze tracking thing but I for one couldn't care less. Note, American friends it is couldn't care less not could care less. Could care less means that you still care about something. You could lower the level of care about something. Couldn't care less. Could Not. Anyway, I'll probably never be a PC gamer. Don't get me wrong I think PC games can be brilliant. Rock Paper Shotgun is my little window into the world of PC games and every now and then I'll get a little bit jealous of the gaming opportunities I'm missing out on. I love the stories that come from the RPS team and the unique gaming experiences that can only be had with mods, indie platformers almost as good as older platformers, the 'five second' games and loser generated stuff that really reaches into the upper echelons of what gaming is capable of being. On the other hand t

Dragonage DLC Expiry dates

As some may be aware, if you buy a new copy of Dragonage you get a redemption code for 'The Stone Prisoner' DLC included in the box. For those not buying a new copy the DLC will cost you 1200MS Points, which quite frankly is quite a lot for a little plot and an extra character. But hey it's a nice way of keeping people buying new games and supporting the medium right? Well imagine my dismay when I see on the back of the box in the small print that the code expires on April 30th! Seeming like an obvious EA scheme to maintain the high price of an ageing game I was naturally pissed off. However dear reader, the silver lining (and the point) of this tale is that I fired in the code anyway (on June 2nd) and it worked anyway!! So if you are on the fence about buying this great  game and feeling cheated about the DLC, then get involved, the code (as of June 2nd) has yet to expire! Đ