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"Crunch time"

You know, its not often I talk about the games industry and the depravity and filth within, however today I would like to bend your ears, open your eyes and perhaps even educate the cretins and executives out there. For the non-industryer "crunch time" is when a game, DLC or whatever is reaching it's deadline. This deadline will suddenly make everyone involved on that project start working at 200% (usually up from 50%) to get everything done, creating a great deal of stress on budgets, quality and people. The deadline itself is usually enforced by marketing, or by a separate publisher, who has dictated that, "this needs to happen by then".

Now, why does this exist?

In short, this exist because of poor project planning. The tl;dr version is: Persons are placed in positions of authority and management, due to internal promotions i.e. low ranking programmers, developers and even testers who get given these tasks, without professional qualifications or certificati…

Because You Need Some Light Comic Relief Whilst Making Your Lobunny Happy :)

Pretty straightforward post. Just name your pokemon one of the names on the left if it has one of the moves on the right and LOLLERCAUST city here we come*

Midwife used Cut
Nympho used Horn Attack
Cock used Horn Drill
Richie used Leer
Tia used Bite**
Butt used Gust, Mist, SonicBoom etc.
Injacuzi used Hydropump
Gimp used Submission/Bind/Wrap/Disable
Richie used Siesmic Toss
ToxicSS used Absorb
Penis used Growth
Penis used String Shot
STI used Toxic
Daterap used Hypnosis/Disable
Cock used Harden
Cocks used Double Team
Postorgas used Minimize
Catholic used Withdraw
Sensible used Barrier/Protect
Hutchence used Self Destruct
Fellate used Lick
Butt used Sludge
Vagina used Waterfall
Bum used poison gas
BJ used Lovely Kiss/Sweet Kiss
Tranny used Transform/Double Edge
Cock/Vagina used Explosion
Ozguy used Bonemerang
AgresivLes used Conversion
Suicidal used Slash
Richie used Substitute
Daterape used Powder Snow
Imcumming used Scary Face
Brown love used Sludge Bomb
Poofetish used Mud Slap
No4play used Bone Rush
BJ used Milk Drink/S…