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That Guys a Maniac Podcast 2: Thatguys plays Super Mario World

Another Podcast video thing,

This time we play Super Mario World badly

Audio for Richie is terrible and he has been warned that any future quality issues will be met with swiftly and with the full extend of the upside of his head.

Love and Yellow Yoshis,

Richie + Cunzy1_1

That Guys a Maniac Podcast 1: Cunzy Plays WoW

Beginning our foray into more multimedia areas we have our first Podcast available!

On our youtube channel, and also audio only wherever you get your podcasts from!

In this episode Richie drags Cunzy, kicking an screaming in front of  keyboard and mouse, and makes him make a WoW character.  Aesthetics are critiqued, names are punned, Scorpanoks are farmed.


Luv n' earhugs,

Richie + Cunzy1_1 X