Yeah! Thatguys is 6 months old. If only we were a webcomic then we'd have an excuse to post a picture of our lead female dressed like a slut. Of course it may not be cause to celebrate. There was no site for the whole of September and half of the stuff we put up was inane. Some would argue the other half was also inane but what the fick do they know? Thanks to: Ash, Brother of Chunkysalsa, Chadey, Chunksalsa, Chuff_72, Dr.Wo69, Hellbound Anals, KaiserTia, LolaGirl, Miss Bea Havin from 90's playstation magazine Playstation Pro, Monfuche, Quadbee, Retardo, Satyrwyld (we miss you honey), Shig, Reggie F, Joe Kendo and Marvin Branagh. Thanks also to EDGE magazine who made us their website of the month back in April this year. I'll leave you with some of our favourite comments: " looking at your blog.... I can't expect you to understand how it feels to want you both daily. My fingers plumb the depths where I wish you were"- E-tartes HeavenDue Dev

War on Bloggers!

As a follow up to one of our subsidiary blog, the Triforce’s article on Video games journalism . Step by step guide to becoming a Video Games journalist. 1) Sit down in front of your PC. 2) Give up, realise the crushing truth that your opinion on a media, which can barely be classified as an entertainment form let alone an art form, is no more valid just because you think you realised the hidden depth behind playing games, or indeed you think that you may be good at playing them. How does that make your opinion on a media which can barely blah blah blah, any more valid than the next plebeian geek with an internet connection. It doesn’t. Granted there are different scales of games journalism: Fanboyalism – I love Nintendo, I love Xbox, I love Sega (sic UK:R), I love Animal Crossing. Japanalism – I love Japanese titles, I love anime babes/guys. Retroism – I love games that don’t have polygons. Obscuralism – I love games that no one knows about. This list is not comprehensive, but s

Mr.Sony Reprise

Oh deary deary me. Lies, fake videos and screenshots The Boomerang Nobody wants blu-ray Lies £450-£500 Delay Not enough dev-kits Tilt sensitive pish Rumours about non rechargable controllers Broken Blu-ray components Not enough for Europe Microtransaction madness Going to court to make sure none will get to the UK early Japan only discount Really shitty line up

Classic Bloggage

Here in Blogsville we love blogging and the blogosphere almost as much as google-image searching Japanese girls' names with safe search well and truly off. Or discussing the Wikipedia entry for Pokeshipping or The Internet. However, what we don't do is that viral kind of blogging seen here here here here and here . Posts like this: "Netscaper just uploaded this link from Fiery Conduit's random vegan mash up site because he found this photo set on Flikr about this guy's wif e's Burning Man ph oto s. BurningMan Cats= :)= :)= :)" We all know how to find Burning Man Cat photos, hell half of FLikr and Technorati is Burning Man Cat Photos. But you know San Fran, as no-one calls it, it's Zany, Wacky, Crazy, Random, Mad & Mental. However, today I show you this link . It sums up second life and if the guys from Something Awful weren't the guys from Something Awful, their video would probably be up for a Sanny, or whatever, they call the Sec

Thatguys bites the bullet...

Right well… It happened, we all knew it had to at some point. One of us actually played Katamari, so rather than bad-mouthing it because loads of other people like it, we can actually bad-mouth it based on our own opinions. Unfortunately, in an unexpected turn of events, the game is actually good. I’m sure everybody out there knows the basic concept of rolling up rubbish into a big ball. But there is a tad more to this game, graphics are clean, and the controls are a lot of fun to master. Aside form this and I must emphasize this, Its all about the feeling you get when the ball gets bigger and bigger each time it does the camera resets and you can pick up bigger things… Yeah I know this review is like a year too late, but still, you know… has to be done

TGAM- Field Trip

So on Saturday just gone, Chuff_72, Cunzy1 1, Chades/Chadey? Chunkysalsa and Artiste extrordinaire Brother of Chunkysalsa visited the Science Museum’s Game On exhibition! Here’s the review: Firstly it was expensive, too expensive. £8.50? Then again that’s about what I’d spend in an arcade, before my heroin addiction that is. They had a good selection of games, over 100!, old and new. Chades, anxious to show the world her calling, absolutely rocked the house on Guitar Hero (Franz Ferdinand, Take Me On, Expert) beating the top score by 150000, getting 98%, five stars and managing to attract a small crowd which applauded her after she finished. It almost makes up for denying a kid who wanted to play a duet with her. He then ran out of the exhibition , probably crying. A good mix of formats and accessories were on display or wired up for use singstar, dance mats, Nintendo power glove!, Guitar Hero, Net Yaroze, …. We were amazed that most of the games had the original controllers. C

Kingdom Hearts 2: WHERE'S THE GAME!!!

So I recently bought Kingdom hearts 2, having been a fan of the first one. However I find myself running into a couple of issues. Firstly there is TOO MANY CUT-SCENES, I know, I know, the game is from Disney and they want to have all the characters and the plot involved with them, but still, I don’t want a 5-10 minute cut-scene every time I enter/leave/move in a new area. Nor do I want a cut-scene which bears no resemblance to the main plot of the game. Secondly there is no where near enough fighting! The enemies are painfully easy to beat, if you encounter a shed load of enemies you know you will wipe them out using little to no healing. Aside to this I unlocked the tournament mode thinking “YEAH, finally just some non-stop fighting”… nope cleared it in one go again far too easy, now I have to wait till I can unlock the next tournament, by playing through more pissy plot. Speaking of Pissy Plot, I went to Atlantica, The Little Mermaid World. And well I get there and what happ