Why girls are ruining the games industry:

Insert Joke about "Pink". possibly related to ladies pink bits.

Soooo Lucky- Dino Masters

I was this close (makes a "very close" hand gesture) to buying this game the other day. DS, Dinosaurs? . Gamespot gave it 2.4 out of ten terrible. But it looks so good! I mean look at it! It's got everything, maybe. Hang on Aralosaurus? It's a bit of an obscure dinosaur but...oooh one of those crabs from sonic and a Mario ? block. I wonder what rearity means? I don't know but it's got one star for rearity, that might be good. It's even got foram impressions in the rock like real stratigraphic sequenes. They are a bit big though. I wonder what 165 and 41.9% mean. Sorry, gamespot I might have to get this anyway. UPDATE More disbelievers! Something is up though . Anonymous gave it a whopping 10! and a "excellent game i would recomend it to everybody." It's a conspiracy! I want Dinosauria goodness!

Exclusive Interview with the Auchinawa DJ

As promised I have managed to secure us an exclusive interview with the headlining DJ at Auchinawa! Her name is KaiserTia andas it turns out that she is a qualified maniac, because she once bit Cunzy11. 1) Welcome, Stranger . So, boring things first. As a "lady" gamer, where do you stand in the whole girl gamers issue? Do you feel you are stigmatised at all because of your genetic make up and/or your gaming hobby? Or is it simply that you beat Richie most of the time which is why he resorts to sexist remarks. Pfft. I personally don't want any special treatment just because I'm a girl. Most of the games specifically made for girls are rubbish anyway. Give me a shotgun and some zombies any day! I think any girl that knew how to pick up a controller the right way was seen as a bit of a novelty in the bad old days, but this is something that is inevitably changing. Every year I'm meeting more and more girls that are into games in some way or another, and I

Ooo be doo I wanna blog like you hoo hoo- Miss Bea Havin from Playstation Pro Magazine in the 1990's

Worship Me, Worship Me I'm not the only one, naaa ay ay ay I'm not the only one, naaa ay ay ay I'm not the only one, naaa ay ay ay I'm not the only one. Linked from Boing Boing, Hellbound Angels, IGN, BBC News, ADJ: TTORK, Terra Nova, We like games, Gamegirl Advance, Joystik Heroes, Jumping Joysticks, Games games games games games games, Crossroads of Dereth Ingelt and West Right Freedom Hello children of the night. Last night I spilt Tea on meeee /titter* *I may have been naked

Ooo be doo I wanna blog like you hoo hoo- Kotaku

There are lots and lots of good gaming blogs out there, so, during this dark time of absolutely nothing happening in the world of games. We are going to exercise the best form of flattery by mimicking some of our favourite gaming sites. Today: Kotaku AN OFFICIAL STATEMENT ON SONIC RIVALS ROFL

That Gamestation Ad What's On T'idiot Box

Have you seen it? Have you seen it? Basically, there are two guys; one is playing a FPS, I don't know which one, on their setee (fuck you couch). The guy who isn't playing is eating toast, or something, and making fake guns noises which pisses the gaming guy off, for some reason. Then there's a voiceover that says "annoyed that you are constantly reminded that you could have bought your games cheaper?", which doesn't make sense but I didn't hear the commentry guy properly. Then the first gamer guy is in a room with another guy playing a driving game, I don't know which one, and the first guy is making driving noises and the new guy shouts "Shut up", or something, and it's an advert for Gamestation. Ok, so it isn't that great and I've only seen it once, but for the first time in my life, it's an advert that depicts guy gamers in their "stereotypical environment". We don't get many game adverts in the UK on telly.

Where are they now?

Every self respecting games blog, at one time or another, runs out of ideas and does a hilarious "where are they now" post featuring a videogame character who was in one or two games but hasn't been seen since. They are often lame and it annoys me that no one can come up with something original these days. In other news we've managed to catch up with videogame legend the Nemesis who has s.t.a.r-red (pun intended!) in Resident Evil 3, Resident Evil 3 (GC), Under the Skin and on the Silver Screen in Resident Evil: Apocalypse. Cunzy11: So, you were fantastic as the relentless monster stalker in Resident Evil 3 . In mario 64 , what do you have to collect to progress into new areas? Nemesis: S.T.A.R.S Cunzy11: Absolutely. It must have been interesting for you to hook up with Jill and Carlos again for Under the Skin . I imagine it was a lot of fun! What game show am I describing: Musical talent show in which amateur lookalikes and soundalikes impersonate their