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Dear Capcom#3

Dear Capcom Right. This is it. I have written to you on many occasions and not a single reply. This is not on, especially considering how many of your franchises only sold so well off the back of our glowing reviews and hard hitting articles on Capcom and Capcom characters . But that's it now. You took it too far. Dido is dead. I stuffed her in the boot of my car and drove it off a bridge. I phoned the police and told them you did it. Ha! how do you like that? This will be you if you do not comply with our demands: But also, it seems that not only are you ignoring our pleas but you are deliberately doing things to annoy us. Case in point? Well Lost Planet for starters. What the Fuck? But also look at Devil May Cry 4. What the fucking fuck is that poor man's homoerotic excuse for a younger, camper much much less cool Dante, that you call Nero? Are you having a laugh? Did you even play MGS2? No one likes Raiden and no one will like Nero. I've scoured the interne

Thith meanth war......

On saturday night just gone, I found myself with a free evening. And due to the absolute fantastic quality of British television on Saturday nights I thought I might, you know, play some videogames so I could do a proper post on my video games blog. Now because I'm still feeling like this I ended up playing both Animal Crossing and Animal Crossing Wild World. Suffice to say everyone was majorly pissed off with me because I haven't been to Gaylando in over 400 days (see a post coming soon) but they are a fickle peoples and after a little bit of talking to everyone my peeps seemed happy, neigh, almost pleased to see me again. Including my virtual stalker target Bunnie . However, whilst chatting with my love she showed me this "weird" letter (her words): Now I assure you that this is an image of a letter but a crappy phone camera combined with an old DS resulted in the above image. For those of you who can't make out the text! or those of you who can't

Colin McRae Outrage

Contrary to “popular” belief Colin McRae Rally is actually one of the Thatguys preferred series’ of games from Codemasters only slightly preceeded by Dizzy, Micro Machines, SAS Combat and Nitro Boost and CJ’s Elephant antics. So I’m sure you will understand that we are on mourning for the loss of one of the contributors of a mediocre racing game. R.I.P. Colin McRay But what really boils our egg (which is wearing boxing gloves) is that heartless SEGA are cashing in on this “gap” in the market with their new Sega Rally Revo , this painful title is due for release at the end of the month and actually features Colin McRae: (Click for Full screen) Personally I am outraged, however SEGA are still releasing Virtua Fighter 5… which died a long time ago.


..... and I mean finally! After a failed preorder and a bad case of "insufficient funds" I have finally procured my copy of Pokemon Diamond. You know what that means, a TGAMer buying a new game, nearly at launch! That's right kids it's time for some NEW GAMES JOURNALISM! I open the case and instantly take out the book and give it a deep sniff. Mmmmm that new game instruction booklet smell. I place it to one side and imagine the photo I'm going to take with the Diamond instruction booklet as the top book in a fan of booklets in chronological order with Yellow at the bottom then the Gold and Silver book, then the Sapphire Ruby book, then the Fire Red Leaf Green book and then the brand spanking new Diamond book on top. "At last" I think. My years of loyalty to the franchise finally paying off "Thank you Nintendo, thank you". I thought it was all over after Leaf Green and Fire Red. I mean essentially they were remakes of the original and then X

In Memorium…

"With the arrival of the new generation comes the departure of the old and thus the circle of life continues.." So I had last week off and I took the opportunity to catch up with some long overdue gaming. I spent hours on Super Smash Brothers Melee, I now only need three more trophies (Diskun, Sheriff and Mew) and I’m done. I also finally finished campaign mode on Advance Wars. Seeing as Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are finally out in the UK I also thought I’d whack Pokemon Stadium on and take the opportunity to spend some time with my old friends on Pokemon Yellow and Silver. That’s when I found out. That’s when I discovered something that would sink my heart and almost bring a tear to my eye. I set up the N64 and put Pokemon Stadium 2 on with Silver and Yellow in the Gameboy adapters. Yellow was registered fine but the N64 kept saying that Pokemon Silver ID###### didn’t appear to have any save data. It’s fine I thought I just took the game out, blew in all of the slots

Anime Update!

Yeah we have some links to anime and well Anime and video games usually come part and parcel with one and other. So as such I have decided to do a wee anime update as those crazy cartoons coming out of Japan are really something special at the moment. There are 4 major players on the anime scene at the moment there is: Bleach, Naruto Shipuuden, Death Note and to a lesser extent (due to fansub issues) One Piece. First up, Bleach. Bleach has had it’s up and downs over it’s lifetime It started off brilliant, then it seemed to introduce far too many characters then it slipped into the anime void known as filler. However since around January Bleach has returned to the storyline and it is better than ever, It can be forgiven for a few misdemeanours, typical anime rules have been applied, suddenly all characters can fly when fighting, and the actually had some characters use a “Limit Break” recently. Naruto: Shippuuden After 2 years of filler it finally happened Naruto did a