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Season's Greetings

Due to austerity measures, we're only allowed to post one article a year.

Here is this years.

Merry Xmas 2015 everybody.

Cunzy1 1 & Richie too.

Ocarina of Time Revisited

Wow! just Wow.

For the past week or so I have been having cravings to play Zelda: ocarina of time. So through the wonders on the internet I dug out an emulator. I also dug out my 360 wireless adaptor.

I set that bitch up!

Plugged my PC into my TV, set the Graphics to all maximum settings, and set the Controller like an N64 pad. And started it up.

Amazing, I never new that all those details were possible despite the backgrounds and some of the textures being a bit pixelly its flawless, and plays really well with the 360 controller!

Here's to Retro Games and HD.

Love and Saria's song

Richie X