Friday, April 15, 2016

Hyper Dimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed

We may not gave discussed this properly on TGAM but recently we have fallen in love with the amazing series of  Neptunia games. Action Unleashed is a tear away from the time-sink RPG's that are the other Neptunia games...

Its an amazing project, they have taken all the "assets", from the previous game, and made an arena hack-n-slash title, but not only that, they actually kept all the moves, whew in the RPG the EXE drives (limit breaks etc etc) were drawn out separate animations that just do damage  akin to the summons of FFVII and FFVIII. It is an amazing endeavour to have translated an RPG into a hack and slash and kept the same "feeling" when executing the moves or running about. And it still has boobs....

 ...and a weird new "Costume break" function... Which is lovingly explained to you via the medium of fourth-wall breaking visual novel (my favourite way to have anything communicated to me)

Like the last game you can dress up your troops, a must have, we would all agree?
Then you pop in and destroy the hell out of some bad guys, depending on how you do it you get ranked, Which is on a scale of "Meh" to "Godly"
All in all what more do you want from a game about video game platforms anthropomorphised as anime girls?

TGAM gives this 11/10 play this, play this unashamedly, and take lots of screenshots.

Love and Lady Green Heart,

Richie X

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Are Mobile Games Any Good Yet? Miitomo Edition

Not got enough Nintendo accounts? In between your account, Pokemon Global Link account, Nintendo ID, Nintendo Online Store account and MiiVerse accounts, Nintendo has recently launched MyNintendo the new-all you need account for worse news and updates that independent Nintendo fan sites and the first vehicle that uses the MyNintendo account is mobile 'app' Miitomo

Ninty has been trialling gentle-disgustingly fierce micro-transactions from free to play games like Pokemon Shuffle and Pokemon Rumble World through to not-ware Nintendo Badge Arcade and presumably a lucrative line in customising your handheld with 3DS themes.  

Miitomo, like Nintendo Badge Arcade, takes pay-to-not-really-play to the next level. What is Miitomo? It's a hyper scummy new social network that uses Miis. The app is so blatantly aimed at capturing the social network hype, for example, you can earn large amounts of one of the three new MyNintendo currencies just by linking Miitomo to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

But what do you actually do in Miitomo? Well in my limited experience you create your Mii, and then make willy jokes with all the other 30-40 year old weabos. There's daily rewards for 'liking' and 'commenting' on other people's answers to mundane questions and of course there's a clothes shop with limited and rotating stock which can be bought with real and in game currency (another currency than the three MyNintendo ones). It's a very cynical and initially hugely popular app that combines all the least interesting bits of Tomodachi Life, Everybody Votes Channel and the album cover maker from Wii Music

You can however, make images like these:

So you know, 9/10. Buy it today.