Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Lightning: We have to stop the Zaffels.
A Man Who is Whack: Are you sure?
Lightning: ....
Whack Man: But I thought you were Pincelplips
Lightning: I guess we were all along
Whack Man: Quick. Get to Hope.

Four inches down a corridor later.

Hope: Where is lightning? I always hated it since the Pandforma days.
Whack Man: I'd like to submit an edict regarding the use of nouns for names.
Lightning: Hope! Did you ride the Vangle Goolies lightning?
Hope: Hopefully not Lightning.
Lightning: I meant lightning not Lightning.
lightning: Zzzzzap.


Hope: Let's get a slave.

Apparently, after twenty hours of this, the game gets 'good'.

*Perhaps Square should have waited for the science to have been double checked on this one.

Battalion Wars 2

In a frantic attempt to work our way through the highlights of the Wii back catalogue before the deluge of SMG2, Metroid Other M, No More Heroes 2 and other sequels further off on the horizon we picked up a copy of Battalion Wars 2 for a measly £7.99! Yes it was second hand but it was sold out first hand in my three go-to places. I will support your creativity if you fucking let me at my convenience. Sorry guys but thats commercialism for ya!
Battalion Wars 2 is very good and for us it itches the spot that has gone un-itched since the good ol' Starcraft days. You know, schoolboy football with loveable tanks and grunts and ships and stuff. Playing it also reminded us of another one of our all time favourites, Giants: Citizen Kabuto.
Play time is dwindling in the single figures and sadly progress on the campaign is already up to 20% (:() but already we're hooked, especially on the online modes which had us cursing the day various anonymooses were born. Also, on a plural personal level between LKS, Pikmin2 and BW2 we haven't RTSed so much in years. BW2 also does a good line in stereotypes-bordering-on-racism (TBH the voice acting makes the stereotyping 20 times worse) and has a fair bit 'o' genocide in it but this time, unlike LKS, the campaign started off with the Brits trying to Genocide me! Which is always nice because thats what the Brits always try to do. Try to genocide me will ya! More on this when we stay up until four am in the morning grinding for S ranks.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lost Planet 2, following the "Hype" machine

Lost Planet 2 is out soon, and Capcom are trying really hard to make some hype about it. 

I have been following it a little bit for a while now, mainly because I saw the trailer with the mighty Sir Om-nom-nom ages ago. I played the Lost Planet Demo and I was ultimately underwhelmed, it played like an inferior Gears of War with grappling ropes. However that doesn't mean LP2 wont add more to the franchise, which ius why  I'm not writing to disparage the game itself. I'm just really disappointed with the hype the game has attempted to generate.

They dropped some merchandise in ice in 8 cities in America.
That's it, not much more to say, some people got them. They now own some merchandise and a beta code for online... 

Now I read a few things about the plot of Lost Planet, and I want to like it, futuristic sci-fi set on a terra-forming ice planet, yet this planet has a mystery... ooooh.

But not may people seem to care, Time for some Thatguys Market research!

I presented certain informed folks i know within the industry with, "What do you know about Lost planet 2?" and got the following responses:

"Wesker is in it, that monster hunter guy is in it, Frank west is in it. It's not just about snow it's now in jungle land and there's a huge creature who looks like Heatran in it. It is co-op online? Maybe split screen? That's it basically."

"not a damn thing apart that its a video game and the sequel to Lost Planet..." (which he never played)

"It's a game where you drive around and shoot/photograph dinosaurs, to the best of my knowledge.  I've always kinda wanted to play it." (I shit you not!)

"3RD person shooter, The ice has melted so presumably they will use their harpoons to investigate tall trees now. I liked the multiplayer on the first. Also there are rumours that players will gain the ability to turn in to a spherical object and wizz around shouting Woohoo WooWoo WooHooHooHoo Weeeee."

The only person that actually cared was the one that thought it was a different game.  

In conclusion I give this game a 2/10 for hype. Capcom, see me after class.

In other news, I recently had a go at the Demo, and well, the game is alright, I want to get excited, the scene with the boats made me thing this game was a Sci-fi version of the Vietnam war. The controls are clunky though this does create a feeling of badassery when you are running about, though not enough to care. Shame.

Lost and Planet,

Richie X. 


Monday, April 26, 2010

Capcom DRM: Where is the apology?

Numerous sites ran with the news today that Capcom forgot to inform players that in order to play Final Fight: Double Impact, players had to be online all the time. They apologised for not telling players about the DRM.

However, at the time of writing Capcom have still not apologised for the existence of the Game itself yet. TGAM Editor in Heels, Richie Richards had the following to say:

"The world really didn't need either of these games the first time around. This reboot is totally redundant. It would be like releasing Megaman 10 for fuck's sake."

TGAM Pilot First Rank, Doppelganger chimed in with:

"Great. More middle of the road games. I can barely tolerate to think of the days I used to get excited about games anymore. I hope someone somewhere is genuinely excited to see these games again"

This blog, once upon a time a single Capcom IP fan site of sorts, is sad to see Capcom joins the long list of those failing to apologise for their decidely average IP with infamous offenders TEAM 17, Polyphony Digital and Valve Corporation.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Little King's Story-Update

We are now up to killing these guys. For those of you who have played it you would know that that is not very far.
Some people interpret these guys to be "Teh Blacks". Because they are um black? But they have horns and big pointy teeth. To be honest I'm not too happy about genociding them. Two of them were talking to each other just over a tree topped bluff whilst my guys were clearing rocks out of the way to start the genocide. Touchingly, the two chaps were talking about wood, crowns (maybe me?) and each other. I was struck by a pang of guilt as my inept force mowed them down in bloodless violence. One of my guards stood on the head of one and hacked at it with a sword in the face. It turned into a sweet. The horn of another one was harvested for the town coffers.
Elsewhere about the town two citizens and two of my guards got married. Both instantly received a delivery of a new born child, one of which saw active service in the genocide mentioned above about four seconds after being dropped off.
Good times all around I think you will agree? I can't wait to finally rid the land of the black guys and start getting to grips with what looks like A GIANT BEETLE....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Penny Arcade Time Magazine. Is this a joke.

*Please stop these people being our voice*

Not because they are Fugly, not because they are male...

...because I'm pissed that they got to #15 in Time Magazine for a trashy webcomic (there are much better ones out there) and maybe a little bit because of their looks, mostly because they do not believe they deserve this kind of honour. I cant say it much harsher; THEY. ARE. UNDESERVING. (IMO)

In all honesty you could have slung any gaming celebrity on the voting pole in there place, hell... put Mario on there and he would have done the same/better.

Love and the Bald one has been caught abusing animal corpses.

Richie X

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Character List

So who does it include this time?

From the Pics we have seen so far: 

* An oddly uncanny-valley-esque Incredible Hulk.
* A selection of characters from Marvel vs Capcom 2
* And the one everyone is fapping about: Chris Redfield.

Chris was the star* of Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Code Veronica and Resident Evil 5.  Chris is not the first Resident Evil character in the Marvel vs Capcom Series
and well considering the events of Resident Evil 5 you can understand why she may not be around.

Other than that, well we don't actually have a character list, it was just a trap to get google hits. 

Though likely to be appearing. yet not announced and not from previous iterations:
Frank West
Sir Om-nom-nom
Bionic Commando
The dude from Dark Void

*If you don't get this pun then get the fuck out, nobody cares about your opinion and you cannot call yourself a Resident Evil fan, end of.

Love and Zangief,

Richie X

Are Films Art?

No. They are films. Except documentaries. They are TV shows? Anyway, we're already more than a line into this blog and nobody has looked at the wittle puppy.Widdle puppy Look at the widdle puppy! This reminds us, if Nintendo and Capcom carry on this massive love in after Monster Hunter Tri then we we would quietly suggest a Nintendogs:Okamiden Version. Yes we would.
In other news: this list is pretty interesting.
If you are reading this on a feed reader then this is super secret text for you none of the other readers can see this but if they did make Nintenokamiden then they should totally allow bad touching to get the furries buying this sick filth. I'll take a 10% cut of all profits CapTendo. 20% if you allow bad touching. Cheers!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Little King's Story- First Impressions.

Even in the days of hype and over exposure where every screenshot, press release and 'leak' is vivisected and analysed there are still few moments in gaming that match the trepidation of loading up a game for the first time. Our personal ritual is to make sure there are no other distractions for the first spool up. The tea is brewed, the cat is fed, the phone is silenced, the meat is beat so that until we are prompted to press start our full attention is on the first impression of yet another new virtual world. Sometimes, the impression is a bad one, a misstep in the opening FMV, poor design or a hard to navigate menu dramatically drops the expectations. Sometimes games whisk you through the back door the first time you play dumping you straight into the game, a practice which we are always a bit suspicious about, for some people the mantle really does matter as much as the fireplace. Little King's Story had us completely charmed by the time we got to starting the game, the opening FMV and brilliant menu screen leaving us anticipating that from here on in it would, could, only get worse.
HAIL TO KING CUNZY1 1As we mentioned yesterday we are aware that we are painfully late to this party but what we weren't prepared for was this bare-faced, lovably cutesy ode to colonialism with you playing the central role as the unwitting oppressor. We're certainly not the first to pick up on this but compare the attention given to the toe-deep racism in Resident Evil 5 with the level of attention given to the intentional lessons of this game and its important message.
Who you calling little? The game opens with King Cunzy1 1 stating that the rich are more noble than the poor and that the lazy are less noble than those who work hard. Land of Hope and Glory plays on the sodding menu screen. We've only just built a church but already we can't wait to start the raping and pillaging.Religion in gamesIt is still early days for us and the game and we're eager not to stretch the colonialism hypothesis too far until we've played it out to the conclusion but even at this early stage the fact that this element is barely mentioned in many of these reviews (one of which less-than-tactfully suggest we should be doing 'more' invasions like the olden days) once again highlights questions over the credibility of games journalism. With many people in games looking for ways of credibly justifying the medium to solicit emotion, educate or to tell stories we are left scratching our heads as to why this game isn't held up a shining example.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Little King's Story Get!

It only took a year but we have finally added (a new copy BTW!) Little King's Story to the collection. We feel really bad for waiting so so long especially considering the tumultuous time that Cing has had recently.
Only took a yearAs much as we don't want to bang on about internet gaming peoples inane shouting versus real life gamers it does actually take a whole year on longer to purchase a game. We're old enough to have some disposable cash to feed the gaming bunny but finding the time to play them means it can be months of years before we pick up a title. The reason why we had left it so long because it got unanimously high ratings we assumed it would be easy to pick up when we eventually get round to it on our to play list.
However, this title, widely considered to be one of the best for the Wii, isn't available through GAME online, let alone in stores and we saw a copy of it for £8 at the local supermarket* sandwiched between some of the vilest shovelware that many complain about. So we picked it up before its time because you won't see it on the high street much longer.
Little King's Story is a poster boy for the broken games industry and retail where quality doesn't automatically result in success and we can now walk proud having bought our copy (even if it was at a 1/4 of the initial retail price).

*We love to think of the person responsible for deciding which games Morrison's stock in their relatively small game sections being a closet gamer and in a moment of ballsy bravery, ordering a whole bunch of copies of Little King's Story. We also imagine that this person was fired when it didn't sell.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


DEFCON 2 is when we all stop banging on about "what happened to...." and start complaining that "they will ruin it" already.
Yeah, the PlayStation version wa sbetterThe Ace RPS has the link with the scoop but it looks like we're probably one step nearer to something Syndicate*.

*Of course, here at Kotaku we tirelessly check all the sources we link to right back to the horse but if it turns out this is some kind of joke then I pity the fool who clearly has no understanding about words like "joke" or "humour". So it says here on your CV that you were the one who started the 2010 Syndicate joke? How does that joke go again? Oh. Yes. That isn't really a joke is it? That's just retarded. No you cannot have a job here and furthermore we'll see to it that you never work in this principality again!

The Casual Gamer cum Sex Addict : Playing is believing

Apparently some classy woman decided to tell the world about her tale of over active lady bits following a Wii fit session that just got too much for her one day.

Amanda Flowers, 24 from Harpurhey fell off her Wii Fit board (presumably on her cunt) and has since developed persistent sexual arousal syndrome from a damaged nerve, or sticky twat for short. As a result of this Amanda Flowers, 24 from Harpuhney is aroused by the slightest of vibrations, from Mobile Phones & Food Processors to Omastar's Seismic Toss.

Amanda Flowers, 24 from Hapurhey had these moving words to say:

"It started as a twinge down below before surging through my body. Sometimes it built up into a trembling orgasm"
"With no cure, I just have to try and control my passion by breathing deeply. Hopefully one day I'll find a superstud that can satisfy me"

Well Amanda, 24 from Hapurhey, If you're ever at TGAM towers and not so large that a Wii Fit board can't hold you, come knock on our door.
If this is a true tale,  the world knows her name, her age and where she is from and she is no doubt being swamped with facebook requests and random electric toothbrush attacks as we speak.
Amanda Flowers, 24 from Hapurhey, we salute you!


[Source: Yahoo]

Gaming oxymoron of the day-double bonus!

It's the Escapist again with the headline:

"Gears of War 3 Writer is Acclaimed Star Wars Novelist"

In fact, make that a double oxymoron. As if Gears of War has writers and as if a Star Wars Novelist can be acclaimed.

Brothers to the end: Gears of War 3 April 2011 (Updated)

 Here's what we know so far:
  • New Weapons: Sawed off Double-Barrel Shotgun(awesome damage, slow reload), Pendulum Lancer (kick's like a bitch with a nasty blade for executions)
  • 4 Player Online Campaign Co-op: Player 1 is Marcus, 2 is Dom, 3 Baird, 4 Cole
  • Pulp Fictionesque intertwining plot: Players will command other squad's that merge the plot with Delta.
  • Improved Regional filters for less laggy games: Hallefuckinglujah!
  • Refined Cover system
  • Possible squad command system (Rainbow 6 stylee???)
  • Female characters/Tits: As our anonymous commenter points out, i neglected to mention that Anya makes an appearance in the trailer and will be a playable (presumably online) character. Whether there will be more tits announced later remains to be seen.
  • Released April 2011: FML

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rock Band Green Day Review

Yeah so the track list was released for this title and we thought we'd do a review.

Outstandingly innovative, the use of the guitar peripherals is revolutionary, never been seen befo........

Ahahahahahaha, sorry I just cant keep a straight blog face... So what do we expect with this new title? 

Well its Rock Band yet again with a Green Day skin. o.0
The track list is... Duh... Green Day. They have a few tracks from Insomniac, Nimrod and Warning and the entire Dookie, American idiot and 21st Century Breakdown (+DLC).

Wait... 21st Century Breakdown you ask? what is that? Well gentle reader it was Green Day's latest 'effort'... And it was:

pants with a frayed waistband.
pants with a frayed waistband and brown smears.
pants with a frayed waistband, brown smears, and spluff stains with the tag hanging out.
pants with a frayed  waistband, brown smears, and someone else's spluff stains with a used tampon as a tag.

So like most of the other Rock Band titles some of the tracks will be shit.

Love and I-found-the-strikeout-function,

Richie X

How do you make a sequel to Starcraft?

Basically, keep it the same but have dual wielding then add a number 2 on the end.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Flashpoint: Wangs in Games

Flashpoint™©® is a new communicative medium brought to you by the team behind the TTECNK, Underboob and microfanfics. Flashpoints are flashpoints of discussion on the hottest topics in video gaming today. Flashpoint one is all about the wang.


Richie!: Before we start can I just make sure we're not talking cross purposes. This is about penis right?
Cunzy1 1: Yes. This is not about all those people called Wang or with Wang as a surname. This is about the depiction of the schlong in video games.
R: I am basically for them just because, you know there will be a designer who went through 4-7 years of uni just to end up programming foreskin physics.
C: Let's hope there aren't any bugs in the foreskin.... physics. LAME
C: Lame penis rendering jokes aside I'm against wangs in games because if video games with violence in them cause people to be violent then games with wangs in them....
R: Will make people Chinese?
C: Racist and no. It'll make people dicks.
R: Or worse.
C: Gay. It will make people gay. And then the species will go extinct.
R: Proof, of sorts, if it were needed that there are issues in the game industry with maturity and sexism. Googling video game wang and you only get Lady Gaga on page 45 or so. Google video game kebab and it's upskirt shots from page 1.
C: Goddam sexists.
R: Trust.
C: Okay, I'm gonna build a man out of straw.
R: Don't forget to give him a brain.
C: Why do we need to see wangs in games?
R: Well why do we need to see breasts in games? I mean, yeah sure, be titillated but it's not like I need to be beating off the whole time. It's not like I need to be constantly sexually turned on to play Dead or Alive Extreme Thong Island.
C: There's a difference and you know it. Nobody is turned on by a penis. It looks like a graft gone wrong.
R: I was okay with it until Resident Evil 2. Now they all look like the thing that bursts out of the Brian Iron's chest.
C: Oh man. This blog used to be about Resident Evil.
R: So, final thoughts on the inaugural Flashpoint?
C: Wangs, no, 4/10
R: I'd say wangs, there's a place in my heart for them, B+

Coming up on Flashpoint™©® 2: Daddy or Chips in video games?

Machoke's tits

Monday morning, day off work, belly full of fire to write the shit out of video games. Alternatively, we could blog about Machoke's tits*
Machoke and the Tits In the Pokemon Soul Silver/ Heart Gold sprite for Machoke, it appears there are some breasts. This is fine for female Machoke but it has been observed in the field on males. We think they are supposed to be pectoral muscles but they are a bit too bulgy and there is a definite cleavage. Also, they muffin-top over Machoke's belt suggesting they are more malleable like breasts than firm like muscles.

Reasons for the Wabs on Machoke.There are a number of overlapping hypotheses about the appearance of bresticles on Machoke in Pokemon Soul Silver.
Outside of deviant art Machoke has not had front shirt potatoes anywhere near so pendulous since the original Gold and Silver. You will notice that in the original Silver and Gold sprite there was even a glimpse of neathage, not observable in the new sprite. Perhaps, this new sprite is a return to form or at least, a nod to the 'original' 'second generation' sprites. Amongst the community, for no good reason in our book, Silver and Gold are held in high esteem and Machoke's love pillows as well as a number of other boldly shoddy sprites might be a work of knowing nostalgia.
Alternatively, as other esteemed colleagues in this field have highlighted this sprite may be yet another victim of the death of spriting as an art form. Much like whittling and making mourning cards, high quality sprites are only made by a handful of masters. In 2009, the guild of spriters reported a record low in terms of membership and last month Art Review declared the craft of spriting as officially "dead outside of Asia". This confused sprite might therefore be the work of a novice or worse, somebody hired from the internet.
Lastly, a theory rapidly gaining popularity in Gender Studies circles, Machoke's breasts are in fact casting a spotlight on the masculinisation effect on women due to the use of anabolic steroids in sports. Machoke is a fighting type pokemon typifying the kind of body worship/abuse which can be seen in the 'sport' of body building. In the real life sport the masculinisation of female athletes can cause clitoral enlargement, a deeper voice and increased facial hair. In the world of pokemon this has been inverted so we see the male Machoke with bulge-less pants, enlarged breasts and no hair whatsoever. Satoshi Tajiri has famously campaigned long and hard against the use of steroids in competitive sports and some see this as concrete proof for this theory as an explanation for the fun bags, however, multiple sources at Game Freak have universally denied this claim.

Transgender Discrimination in Games It is widely recorded that there are disproportionally too many transgender characters in video games, leading some to label the video game industry as 'Dominated by Transgenderists...individuals driving the transgender agenda through this creative form'. Common conspiracies always have the makers of Pokemon (alongside the Sims) at the forefront of this transgender games movement citing the 'playdoh' approach to relationships, gender roles and gender as evidence. Others label superficial homophobic gameplay mechanics such as moves like attract failing to work on same sex pokemon as 'token' ways of appearing to not be transgenderists.

Either way, this latest sprite controversy is likely going to be debated transgenderists and anti-transgenderists boards for a long time and wisely, Game Freak look to be set to stay tight-lipped about it.

*This is how 90% of Mondays start.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Resident Evil Afterlife

We're going to break one of our cardinal rules by recognising that Resident Evil Movies exist. Without fail they have all dissapointed (with the exception of does-it-really-count? Resident Evil 4D thing-a-ma-bob).

Anyway, according to Capcom Urethra the producer of yet another dissapointment has the following to say:

"I think if fans look at Resident Evil 5, they will know what is coming and what to expect in the movie"

Does this mean we will see Sienna Guillory with mankey tits? We can only hope so.

Ahh googling Jill Valentine

To get the above tenuous image joke you need to:

1) Be aware that manky was a popular englishism that means gross or disgusting.
2) Have played Resident Evil 5 to the SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERs point where Chris and Nuda pull the gem off of Jill's chest exposing a manky hole in her cleavage.
3) Know that there is a Pokemon called Mankey.

Even armed with the above information, expect no more than a silent inside laugh at best.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Gears 3 announcement on Monday?

Cliff 'don't call me Cliffy B' Blezinski was due on 'Late night with Jimmy Fallon' (yeah we haven't heard of him either) last night to give some details on the latest unannounced offering from Epic Games, however had to cancel at the last minute, instead being replaced by the Canadian Pop singer Justin Bieber (seriously this Jimmy Fallon show is getting more appealing by the second)
According to Cliffy B's Twitter account :
"The truth of the matter is that we wanted to take a couple more days to polish what we're showing, Sorry all, appreciate your patience!"
Will El Cliffster announce Gears of War 3, will it address our previous issues, will they announce some other Epic shooter or as his tweet suggests will he merely expose himself to Jimmy Fallon's audience? (literally dozens!)
All these questions and more will be answered on Monday the 12th April when Cliffarooney is scheduled to appear.

In case you were worried the rumours of Justin Bieber having a GF (OhEmGee!) were false, so 'Bieber Fever' continues..


No More Heroes: The Movie

We twatted this the other day but seeing as we have a spare 8 seconds instead of the spare 2 seconds it's another post! You lucky mugs.
In the Gamerati circles video game culture striving for acceptance by the rest of the world is a popular subject. Many critics are eager to point out that we are already there. Sadly, film is, without warrant, still wholesale held in some higher regard as an art form. Even though most films are genuinely ridiculous or awful. A look at the box office over the last year though indicates that video games influence runs far and wide. Not necessarily for the better either. Non-fans of super heroes, zombies, aliens, werewolves or wizards have had three okayish films to watch in the last twelve months. Enough already. This was compounded on a recent trip to the movies when ever single trailer was either comic book sequel or strangely familiar.

No More Heroes: The Movie

God of War: The Movie*

Heavy Rain**

*Yeah okay, who copied who first.
** The trailer doesn't really show it well but this is a god awful boring film. Really really dull.

We Love The DS

We got a DSi XL from our favourite person in the world. It is a thing of beauty, an object d'art. The screens are huge and I can now check the internet from the toilet which, is pretty much living the dream.

In addition, because the old DS touch screen was broken it now means that we can unlock those extra outfits on Project Rub, Spin that record in Resident Evil Deadly Silence and most importantly MATCH THE FACES!

Oh shit, match the faces! MATCH THE FACES, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, MATCH THE FACES, MATCH THE FACES, MATCH THE FACES, match the faces, match the faces, MATCH THE FACES! Match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, MATCH THE FACES, MATCH THE FACES, MATCH THE FACES, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces.
Matchy faces match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, MATCH THE FACES, MATCH THE FACES, MATCH THE FACES, MATCH THE FACES, MATCH THE FACES! MATCH THE FACES, MATCH THE FACES! MATCH THE FACES, MATCH THE FACES, MATCH THE FACES! MATCH THE FACES! Match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, MATCH THE FACES! Match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces.
Match the face, match the face, Match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, MATCH THE FACES, MATCH THE FACES, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, MATCH THE FACES, MATCH THE FACES, MATCH THE FACES, MATCH THE FACES! Match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces, match the faces.
No faces?
Oh and play Starship Patrol! <3 Starship Patrol.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


The ever reliable Pat over at videolamer recommended that we listen to Robert Ashley's podcast series A Life Well Wasted. Being the impressionable douche bags that we are and worried that mean men will steal our DS on the bus we duly downloaded it and listened to it on the commutes. We recommend that you do too (if you haven't already, we are late to the party).

Initially, after the first two minutes I hated it. Hated the kooky music, hated the America-centric irrelevant commentary (you might as well be talking about American Football rather than EGM), and hated Robert Ashley's drawl- "Editor and host of an innnernet radio sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew". However, I stuck with it.

And it is worth sticking with it. I feel embarrassed to qadmit it, but my first approach to this podcast was to approach it like I would a forum, or blog comment or Youtube video. Guard up, my view point vs yours, I know more than you, you forgot about game X or X etc. etc. However, after listening to a couple of sheeeeews, the casts are revolutionary and amazingly refreshing.

Currently, there is no real professional, concerted effort to record the history of video game culture (data dumps of the internet do not count). This is sad. Imagine how different literature, art, film and music history would be if we had a near complete record of the development of these cultures and practices. Well uniquely, for video games most of the culture is still around for the collecting. All the major players, all the hardware, all the design docs etc. etc. All the things we might wish to collect in a "video game museum". This isn't being done yet for a whole host of reasons but even if it was, Robert Ashley's work would still remain important.

Robert Ashley's sheeeew (enough now) is 21st Century ethnography of video games culture and the people who live, breath and ultimately make the culture. Although he is the editor and the host he does an excellent job in bringing out the people whose interviews really make the show. The editing, by the way, is excellent and even the pensive musical interludes are crucial to the atmosphere and pacing. Ashley does and excellent role at steadily steering the podcast (rarely) interjecting with his own thoughts and opinions on the topic at hand. Conversations with former EGM staff, a cosplayer, a savant, a curator, a maker and Mr. pinball are entrancing to listen to and blows away the cobwebs of internet arguing that tends to make up video game discourse on the web (=most video games discourse).

Consider this our strong recommendation to listen to the ..... to the show and hopefully more episodes will be going live soon and others will be inspired to undertake projects like this too that will help to elevate our culture out of Mom's basement.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Pokewalker Hack #25

Play a Guitar hero or Rock band game from start to finish (or endless setlist etc) with the pokewalker strapped to your strumming wrist. (I got 12,000 for Guitar hero: Greatest hits).

Love and Hey! I wonder how many steps your average wank would produce with this set-up?

Richie X