Devil May Cry: Reboot

Say hello to the new Dante... 

My CG-Man-crush is over in fact, Any flirtations with this "New Dante" would force me to sign some register.

This is apparently a "Reboot" of the series, due for release on 360 and PS3. Though from the pics over at the Capcom Urinary, I am unconvinced, this looks like A prequel, prequel, set before DMC3 I don't see "the island, the setting of DMC1 . 

The other option is that this is actually Nero instead, but nobody wants to think about that.

Well I'm excited there is a new DMC in town, but ambivalent as to the approach. 

Ambivalent Love and Hugs,

Richie X


Dr Wo said…
I think he is standing on a crate, he doesnt seem to be 6ft and what the hell! How has he been arrested and mug shotted! What a loser hero already. Just downloaded Vanquish demo... reports soon.
Dr Wo said…
what the funk?! Vanquish is too crazy for words, skidding about on your knees taking out huge robots with huge guns and huge QTE's, just insane, gonna give it a go just because its trying something a bit different.

Its all about the stupidity.
Mr. Grim said…
I think a reboot is an excellent idea for Devil May Cry... But I'm on the WTF bandwagon with this one... He looks like a meth-addicted emo fag... I seriously hope he's just schizophrenic and played too much DMC on the PS2 and just thinks he's Dante.

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