Pokewalker Hack #25

Play a Guitar hero or Rock band game from start to finish (or endless setlist etc) with the pokewalker strapped to your strumming wrist. (I got 12,000 for Guitar hero: Greatest hits).

Love and Hey! I wonder how many steps your average wank would produce with this set-up?

Richie X


Michelle said…
Haha that's a great idea, I'll pass this on to some Pokemon/Rock Band fans :)
DrHamHock said…
...And I'll pass this on to everybody I know who wanks. Which is everybody I know.
Cunzy11 said…
To save yourself time, you should refine it to people who do wanking like everyone else.

There are some crazy wankers out there who do it weird. They wouldn't benefit.
rob_is_gay said…
Like rob
(Until he learnt how to at university)
Cunzy11 said…
On his Honeymoon I heard.
Anonymous said…
Cuz yer fat Richie ;-)

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