Wiiwaa advert, inappropriate overload

I could list all the reasons as to why this video is the full spectrum of wrong, but including that as post content would lead to some rather debatable hits from google.

Just no.

Richie :(


Lamargo said…
I stopped at the suggestive wii-mote going in to the mouth, not even challenging the gag reflex of the.... oh wait, wait a minute... .... Yeah, this is sick! I'll maybe brave viewing the rest of this once the mini-lams are in bed. Only because it is now stuck in my mind like a car crash that has ticked all the right boxes for my brains morbid curiosity centre. =S
Cunzy11 said…
Richie! You should be happy. It gives you another hole to put the wii-mote in.
rob_is_gay said…
i want one!

And why is wobbuffet attached to its head at one point?

Also expecting kids to wait until they have completed the level before attaching a badge to it, is just plain lunacy
Pisspants said…
this is awesome.
realdoll mashup plz.

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