Restoring the Capcom to the blog.

totally told you she had a buttless dressSome sad Capcom fanboys are looking for suggestions for the next Capcom vs XXXX title. In order to restore some Capcomness to this blog here are our top 5 suggestions:

1) Capcom vs the pool of baby lotion
2) The real Capcom vs the Capcom characters from fan fictions.
3) Capcom vs the giant purple cheese with a vagina in RE2
4) Capcom vs Blazing Squad
5) Capcom vs Kayne West LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Also, here's a hint to all the asswipes leaving comments on the Capcom Unity blog, if you make a suggestion and have to put (funny) after it it probably isn't funny (bitterness).

Image of Tree Spirit Sakuya from Okami confirming that she does indeed have a Buttless dress from this dirty perve clacier over at Deviant Art.


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