The joy of the Xbox 360

According to OED bausting is to attack someone with an owl we use it to mean hitting someone with a rod or in the case of RE5 the stun rodYo' this weekend just gone was an ace geekend. One of the rare times when the 20 something crew can get together and pretend that we are 16 all over again. Playing games until the eyes hurt? Check. Laughing at fart noises? Check. Laughing so hard that milk comes out of a nostril? Check. Eating junk food caning your knees up sitting on the floor playing games? Check. Only one thing marred it and that was the Xbox 360.

Consoles vs. PCs is an age old conflict but the latest generation of consoles have come leaps and bounds, caught up with PCs and carried on going. They have surpassed the PC experience altogether. Constant patch and update uploading, crashes, playing shit games just because they are free, rip off DLC and matchmaking wankybuggery can all be found on the 360 recreating the traditionally desk-based good times that can be found with a PC.

This weekend the 360 insisted on crashing every half an hour. Poor performance considering it had only been on constantly for a mere 12 hours straight beforehand. But this wasn't the worst part. The worst part was finding the game and fucking signing in with two players ever single time. That and the fact that this little ritual was being performed every half an hour for a game it is not alright to be playing.

By contrast, playing the Wii felt like progress in that I could put in a game and play it with my buds without menu madness and fucking around with signing in and out.


  1. Solution:

    Get your friends to change their names (by deedpoll) to one of the following..




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