Breaking News from Gaylando

I skip town for a few days and all hell breaks loose. Reports of abuse, AXE MENTALISTS and the credit change crisis. Not to mention the weeds. GOD the weeds.

Minnesota police were right!
This seals it. I'm boycotting Nooks until all this blows over*

A sentiment many would love to share
Economic crisis and or credit crunch hits virtual world. Would be the headline I would get the BBC intern to write using this screenshot. I'd put climate change in there too.

Good, kill Poncho he keeps paying under the going rate for my fish
An AXE MENTALIST came to town too.

The rumours are that you are an axe mentalist. Tell me it isn't so
This is not how you talk to AXE MENTALISTS.

But elixirs are really hard to come by
Nor this.

Acid bubbles
Expect lives to be lost.

*Well maybe next week. I have turnips I need to sell this week.


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