You may ask when is a good time to use the word 'meatspace' instead of terms like 'the real world' of 'the physical world'.

My friend, he is a hacker and he once totally hacked the government and like ordered 100 MacDonalds to 11 Downing Street. It was proper Leet.The answer is never, children, never. You never need to use it and any time you do, attractive girls and normal guys with jobs, cars, pensions and mortgages laugh at you and point at you and call you Urkel and do the things with the fingers to make glasses over their eyes. Then you'll probably make a webcomic where you kill the attractive girls and normal guys with a Buster sword and all your forum friends will send you emoticons until your inner balance is restored.
You may also ask when is a good time to use the word 'meatspace' to refer to female nether regions.

There isn't really a good time to use that word in that context either I am afraid. To reiterate, nobody should ever use the word meatspace.

I have preemptively written to the OED to tell them to take meatspace out of their dictionaries or us and the lads will be putting dictionaries into their meatspaces.


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