Omastar Comics #7 & A post. Kinda

So it looks like pokemania is taking over the world* and at the same time nothing of interest is happening in the rest of gaming. Seriously, check Gamespot's news page. Snorarama. Looks like everyone took the month off because they aren't going to knock Diamond and Pearl off the top spots (except umm Transformers the DS game apparently).

Anyway this week in Omastar Comics, well, see for yourself. This one goes out to TTEchidna in a bad way.

So yeah, this is how Omastar got banned from the MoRTo (Music of Rock Type origin awards) because, his rap is all about how some rock types think they are grass types. They speak like grass types and they act like grass types. HELL they even dance like grass types. Unfortunately, for Omastar Type-ist slurs don't go unnoticed by the judges BUT WHAT DO THEY KNOW FRICKIN NORMAL TYPES. Everyone knows that normal types are a bunch of Salac eating, silk scarf wearing pokedex fillers.

*This may not strictly be true but wikipedia doesn't have an article on "Is Pokemania taking over the world?" so what do I know about it?


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