True confessions - Incoherent rants - Tyops - Part 1

Right so pokemon Diamond and Pearl are due out in the US in a matter of Days… and us unfortunate uk-ians wont get the game till TBC in 2007. Gameplay have it pegged at June 1st, though I doubt any of us expect it then. So my question is a UK DS will play US games, is it worth importing to fulfil my pokemon desires faster? Will there be online problems if I do that?


Cunzy11 said…
No because Yes
Anonymous said…
I love the way all the comments are between themselves
Cunzy11 said…
Dude. Shut up. You've been making that comment on our posts since here. If that is even you.
Oh god! You really pee me off. Why don't you grow up and move out of your mothers basement. Pranny
dr wo 69 said…
I think you should import it pokeboy, I am tempted well I say tempted I mean more or less 100% sure, probably middle of the road thinking maybe later will import Monster Hunter Freedom 2 when its released in US, then me and the Chuffster will be killing all manner o monsters weeks before anyone! Woot!

Bring it on Ratholos you going down boyo!

In your bunghole!

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