Xmas Baby!

THere were supposed to be more characters but as it stands this took about 2 hours to make. People make it so hard to leech pictures they've already leeched of someone else Season's greetings! It took me ages to make this but I want a list of all the characters and games by the end of today.

P.S. Merry Christmas*

P.P.S Yes we here celebrate Christmas which is technically homophobic but watcha gonna do?


dr wo 69 said…
Ruby Weapon - FF7
Cloud - FF7
Lara Croftus - Angel o Darkness
Feiser- Wip3out
Jillus Valentinos - Resi Evil
Luigi - Mario kart
Doomtrain (?) - FF8
Parrapa le Rappa - Parappa the rappa
Linkus Link - Zelda
Shadow The Hodgeheg - Shadow the Hedgehog
Bomberman - Bomberman
Crash Bandicoot - Crash Bandicoot
Dante - Devil May Cry
The Time Devil - NZS
HootHoot - Pokemon
Chuffiest_72est said…
Some Twatius Twatster - Animal Crossing
A Newsiest Newspaper - The Life and Times of The News Paper That Got Away
Some oh-so sexy bint - Timesplitters FP (2)
Cunzy11 said…
Oh dudes!

It's just a box!

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