Chuff_72 SELLS OUT!!

Chuff_72 was heard typing

"shhh don't tell anyone, but I think I'm gonna get a 360"
This is from the guy who helped set up SONY and the original Playstation and made gaming the cultural force it is today. This shocking turn of events (for those of you who don't know what this means) is akin to Tony Blair unveiling his schlong and "smegming" up George W.Bush's face the next time he sees him. It also highlights just how bad SONY have fucked up for this Bigwig in the games industry to jump ship.
Remember people you saw it here first.


Chuff_72 said…

I'm about to get Loco Roco too, that's only one step away from Katamari...
Richie said…
dr wo 69 said…
Yep, PS3 £425 not going to work when it comes out, you have a control pad akin to a spirit level (SICK-axis) and at the end of the day it looks like a george foreman grill. I could buy 2 (yep 2!!) full fudged 360's for 1 PS3 and basically the perks of being at Gaystation let us borrow 360 games, tonight we're spending a night in with Rumble Roses.

And PS3 netplay isn't going to work, it really isn't, really.

And I am not buying a Wii!!

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