I am not Sweet!

We've just had brilliant news! On the back of our 69th post (see post 69) we've been offered the chance to make a That Guy's film by a big Hollywood Studio (That's all we are allowed to say).

The title is That Guys's A Maniac - The Official Movie which is a brilliant title!


It's going to be much better than Stay Alive and has been described as a bastard child of Dude Where's My Car/Road Trip/Freddy Got Fingered/Hackers/Lawnmower Man/Final Fantsy Advent Children/Rainman and Lolita.

Here is the cast list

Cunzy11 - Cunzy11
Richie - Richie
Anonymous - That bird what played the Empress in Never Ending Story
Chuff_72 - Freddy Prinz Jr.
Dr.Wo. 69 - Angelina Jolie
ChunkySalsa - Steve Buscemi
Quadbee - Stiffler
Guy Cocker - Ben Affleck
Ed Federmeyer - Ed Federmeyer
Sherry From Resident Evil 2 - Kate Beckinsale
Marlene From FFVII - Tatu
Monfuche - Sienna Guillory dressed as Jill Valentine

It's going to be set in post 2005 Earth where an evil alien has come down to earth and killed all the women over the age of 16. Cunzy and Richie's job is to destroy the aliens with their L337 gaming skills and then repopulate the earth. All of our commentors have cameo roles and there is going to be shit loads of homages to great games like Jurassic Park Operation Genesis and Haunted Maze.
We'll wait until they are 18. SHEESH


dr wo 69 said…
I think Angelina would need to study every single part of me to really live the role and as its only fair I should be allowed to study every single part of her, I think Freddy uses the same kind of techniques to Chuff.

wtf am a girl anyway!!!1
Cunzy11 said…
You mean?.....Not again........ Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
dr wo 69 said…
I think Dinoriders should be in the film too maybe just walking across in the background
Cunzy11 said…
There is a planned 45 minute monologue by me about dinosaurs in games. I will wear a dinoriders T-shirt whilst doing this.
Richie said…
Followed by a 45 minute dialogue about me, how great i am, how wonderful it is to have sex with me (trust me i know!), and just general Richie greatness.

Before i come on screen there will be a 3 minute warning for Women to go run and get the vibrators from their beside cabinets or from the shoe box under the bed. and for men to grab a kleenex or three.

In the DVD extras there will be a shortened monologue for those who cant handle and/or dont have enough stamina for 45 mins of Richie.
Anonymous said…

/sits on your face
Cunzy11 said…
Richie, are you cyberring yourself on our site?

Pete fronmBig Brother said…
OMG!!1 45 mins of "Richie" I cant wait me and my girlfrinds, who all read That Guys (We love you guys soo much), will be there on the front row with All our "Special toys" We'll see it over, and over, and over... Till theres no more moisture left, whe we'll flip over for some D.E.A.J.

Love ya all,

Especially Richie

dr wo 69 said…
so how long is this film? So far there is 90 mins of monologue/mastorbatory/dino-porn which i'm sure is everyones cup o tea then the credits have gotta take up say another 45mins in fact it could be based around a gaming festival over a whole weekend in a field or a house called "That Guys Dino-Porn Weekend Film Fest With Cyberrrrr God Richie and Cunzy11
Cunzy11 said…
That's definitely marketable
Richie said…
There will of course be subtle refernces to Art/politcs/Philophy/Tits through out the Monlogues, some of it will be animated, black and white, CGed, and Mimic tha actual camera angles from Silent hill.

And Dont worry, Cunzy will be restricted to using only 3 terms at the species level, and any repeted use of the the words Therapod or Sauropod will result in testical-removage.
dr wo 69 said…
So that would be classed as Removaurpods
chunkysalsa said…
well, it can't be worse than superman returns. i'm in.
monfuch said…
is there any room in the film for your M-O-T-H-E-R Cunzy11?
Cunzy11 said…
Of course! Monfuch how could I forget. There is a chase sequence set in Crash Team Racing where you beat Dr.Wo and call CoCo Bandicoot a C*nt
Quadbee said…
ha ha yeah great times
dr wo 69 said…
Man I enjoyed them beatings, ohhhh yyyeeahhhhhh!

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