Before UK:R do it.

Look new frag dolls:

Actually UK:R would write it here. Richie totally ripped the only in Yuna cosplay from MY ACTUAL WORDS And in a UK:R sylee:

Wouldn't, wouldn't, wouldn't, wouldn't,wouldn't, would but only in Yuna cosplay.

N.B. That's USA Frag Dolls which Is why they could all at least pass for dog's dinner.


dr wo 69 said…
The middle one from what I can see has a very good hand positioning. Pity about her face.

The one on the end, I call shotgun!


/Rubs it in her face
dr wo 69 said…
Also the ginger one in the fore ground looks to be about ready to recieve a facial, eyes closed, nervous smile, thinking is this a good idea, whats it going taste li... ITS UP MY NOSE! ITS UP MY NOSE! I CAN'T BREATHE!

Thats how I remember it, the first time anyway.

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