Forgive Me Father for I have sinned

I have a confession to make. Richie lost a game of Guitar Hero to a girl. No shame there you might say!

But he actually plays the guitar.

And he is a "boy".


Richie said…
Yeah Its true I did lose at guitar hero, and It was to a "girl" (whatever that is?!?!?)

And i dont play guitar, due to massive left-hand failure caused by:
1. Massive stick fights in Shropshire, destroying most of my knuckle.
2. Slicing open my hand during an unfortonate incident in Hyrule.
3. Bad circulatiion due to sitting on my hand for too long for that perfect blind-mans wank.
4. Wnaking instead of playing the guitar.
5. Wanking too much.

P.S. "Boy"... I'm all MAN, lady!
P.P.S. Never Tell Cunzy anything in confidence.
Richie said…
Quick update:

The Girl in question has released this statement:

Cunzy11 said…
Whats Wnaking Daddy?
Richie said…
Its when a man and a hand love each other very much...
Chuff_72 said…
My woman busted Easy - Expert in 6hrs.
There goes 50 English Pounds I'll never see again.
Dr Wo 69 said…
Guiter Hero, turd. If I want to listen to music I'll put a frickin record on the LP player. Gaming shouldn't be about watching UFO's cascade down a screen, its got nothing to do with the fact I have a spazzy hands. Dance mats were only good for playing Tekken and Tekken was only good for dance mats, fun for a round then your just too tired, A- of running on the spot
and B- of Tekken full stop.
chuff_72 said…
Fuck Tekken, it's for the gays.

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